Loans / Lending Products

We offer many different kinds of loans, and since the lending decisions are made locally,
there are no long waits for approval.

Consumer Products

Automobile Loans

We offer financing for new and used vehicles with monthly payments that fit your budget.

Home Equity Installment

Use the equity in your home to finance anything from home improvements to a long dreamed of vacation.

Lines of Credit

We offer Home Equity, Home Owners, and Personal revolving lines of credit with overdraft protection available for your checking account.


First United National Bank offers both secured and unsecured loans.

Mortgage Products


Don't have the expense of 2 closings! With our construction mortgage loans, you get your interest rate locked in before construction begins. After your home is complete, start your regular monthly payments.

Fixed Rate Mortgage

Lock in the interest rate for up to 15 years with our fixed rate mortgage.

Adjustable Rate Mortgage

The rate on our 30 year adjustable rate mortgage can only change every 5 years.

Community Mortgage Program

Same rate and terms as our fixed rate mortgages, but down payment is less.


For commercial customers we offer Lines of Credit, Time Notes and Term loans.